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Welcome to Nerf Herders (formerly Fuzzy Lap Flounder)! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Here's what we're here for and what we're trying to accomplish:

Friendly, helpful, irreverent raiding guild.

But that's not all!
-Raid scheduling: focus on sustainable raiding hours with no elitist attitudes
-Help with armor upgrades/running instances/dailies
-Offer mentoring to players wishing to get the most out of their characters
-Help getting achievements! (everybody loves drakes!)

Look around and we hope you stay a while.

Bananarchy, GM
Pohtehto, Webmistress

NEW GUILD SITE: PLEASE go there, register and start reading the main page and forums.  Failure to do so may hamper your ability to keep up with raids. You've been warned.
Other Guild News

Fuzzy Lap Flounder changes to Nerf Herders

Pocketflan, Jan 17, 11 3:05 AM.
We've changed our name, but not our identity! Since many people are apparently afraid of publicly admitting their love of pussy we've decided to pick a more neutral name to facilitate recruiting. Don't worry though, we're still irreverent, raucous and a helluva good time. 

Please Keep Our Recruitment Ads Alive!!

Pohtehto, Jan 1, 11 9:36 PM.
Please keep our ads alive by participating in ad threads.
Bumping is no longer allowed (see below for details.) 

WoW Forums Guild Recruitment Ad

Wow Forums Alleria Realm Ad

MORE INFO RE: NO BUMPING (quoted from Blue Post)

Community Manager
Hello all, 

We understand this is a Guild Recruitment forum and posters here want to make sure their threads are visible. With that said, we want to remind you all that repeatedly bumping threads is a violation of our Forum Guidelines. Forum threads with active discussions are meant to remain at the top of the forums so players can easily find them, however, circumventing this by simply adding "bump" to a thread can result in the removal of one's posting privileges. This includes the same individual bumping a thread repeatedly, or multiple people taking turns bumping a thread. 

We'd like to keep this forum as clean and useful as possible, and appreciate your help in assisting us to that end. 

Forum Guidelines: 

Do not "bump" posts. 

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called "necro bumping" or "necroing").

Back to scheduled raiding

Pocketflan, Dec 31, 10 5:53 PM.
Starting this coming week, first week of 2011 we'll be back to scheduled raiding. Grats to everyone who was there for the Halfus kill, five pulls from start to finish was a lot of fun to be part of.

Looking for DPS and a healer or a hybrid.

Better late than never!

Pocketflan, Nov 12, 10 12:54 AM.
Heroic Sindy bites the dust. This is where the witty repartee about magic and betraying goes. Everyone worked their ass off for this kill, credit goes to basically every single member of the raid for upping their game.

Major props to the folks who chewed the glass but couldn't be part of the kill tonight. We missed ya!

So close to Drakes I can almost smell the drake dung!

Pocketflan, Oct 10, 10 5:36 PM.
1 more hard more, 3 more silly modes and bony drakes of amazingness become ours. Along with all the bony dragon poop they can produce.
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